Frozen Cave Maze
Anna in a Frozen Cave Maze (Save the Freezing horse within 5 minutes)
Toy Box Frozen Cave Maze
Creator technotaylor98
Challenge Maze Challenge
Place Fifth

Frozen Cave Maze was a featured toy box featured on 10/17/13. It was built for the Maze Challenge by technotaylor98 and took fifth place. It is a timed maze based on Disney's Frozen. The objective is to reach the end, rescue the horse found there, and take him back to the start within five minutes.[1]


Help save the freezing horse in the cave within five minutes. Watch out for Enemies! Created by technotaylor98.[2][3]


  • This was technotaylor98's second featured toy box, after Giant Castle.


DISNEY INFINITY Frozen Cave Maze (Featured Toy Box)00:31

DISNEY INFINITY Frozen Cave Maze (Featured Toy Box)



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