This is a list of franchises represented in Disney Infinity, in order of release.

Other properties


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  • Wh

    5 messages
    • Not with you on Lab Rats. It was ok for a few minutes then it kind of fell apart for me. Just an opinion however xD and Honestly I would hate t...
    • I'm not a big fan on the crash idea either but yeah lab rats seem cool to me like Adams lazer vision and strength amd that new rage attack...
  • Game play?

    2 messages
    • I have a couple of questions '''Systems'''....1. I have the ps3 and my nephew has the 360 would the pieces,toon ...
    • 1.Yes all figures and powerdiscs are compatiable with any console the game runs in. 2.Yes your friend can join you online via network and y...

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