The Flight ability seen in a Skill Tree.

Flight is an ability introduced in Disney Infinity 2.0. It gains characters the ability to hover and fly around.


Before characters can fly, they need to go into hover-mode. This is done by holding down the button used to jump. While the character hovers, they can move up and down fairly fast, and slowly move sideways.

Iron Man flying with the Stark Arc Reactor Costume Change.

Flying is then done by holding down the button used to aim. While the character is flying, they can still use their ranged attack. They can also dodge sideways, they same way as normal. Flying and hovering can be ended by pressing the 'block' button, but also by making an Air Assault the usual way. They cannot fly while while holding an object, only hover.


A list of characters who can fly.


  • Loki cannot fly, even though he as the ability to hover. This was seen in his trailer, which made fans believe he could fly, as the hover-exclusive ability hadn't been seen before.

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