Fix-It Felix's Sky
Fix-It Felix's Sky
Name Fix-It Felix's Sky
Franchise Wreck-It Ralph
Type Skydome

Fix-It Felix's Sky is a Skydome based on Wreck-It Ralph, that appears in Disney Infinity. It is unlocked in one of Wreck-It Ralph's Character Chests. Its Texture Set counterpart is the Nicelander's Terrain.


This Skydome is set inside the Fix-It Felix, Jr. Arcade Game. It features a lot of square Niceland trees and square clouds. Ralph's brick-pile is also seen. The light comes from the big screen in the sky.


  • As seen in the gallery below, the Skydome originally didn't have trees, but instead buildings, some of which where wrecked by Ralph. The clouds also had a different appearance.


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