Emperor Zurg's Wrath
Emperor Zurg's Wrath
Type Ability Disc
Franchise Toy Story
Game(s) Disney Infinity, Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition
Function Grants player 15% more powerful attacks
Availability Toys "R" Us exclusive, sold in special packs together with another random power disc, and in the Race to Space Toy Box Pack.

Emperor Zurg's Wrath is an Ability Disc which appears in Disney INFINITY. Its ability is to increase melee damage by 15%. It was released as a Toys "R" Us exclusive on October 13th and on November 1st in the Race to Space pack.

Note: All Toys "R" Us Exclusive blind packs have unique SKU/UPC numbers. Blind packs with SKU/UPC number 712725024130 contain Emperor Zurg's Wrath.


Buzz Lightyear's Toy Story nemesis provides bonus melee damage.


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