Disney Infinity - FROZEN ELSA's SNOWY SLINGSHOT - Gameplay (HD)13:09

Disney Infinity - FROZEN ELSA's SNOWY SLINGSHOT - Gameplay (HD)

Elsa's Snowy Slingshot is an adventure in Disney Infinity. It is Elsa's character adventure. The object is to shoot differently colored collectibles around Elsa's ice castle using a slingshot. Yellow collectibles are worth one point each and red collectibles are worth three. The yellow collectibles appear in waves, with a new wave appearing after the previous one is destroyed. The red collectibles appear for limited short intervals and each by itself rather than in waves. They will disappear after a short period of time. Most of the red collectibles also circle around the spires of the castle, making them harder to hit.


Bronze: 5 points

Silver: 35 points

Gold: 60 points

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