"Welcome to the Toy Vault! Go ahead, take a spin."
-Toy Box Narrator, Introduction

The Disney Infinity Toy Vault is where you acquire additional toys for the Toy Box. It is accessed via the Yellow Button on the Disney Infinity Hub. You earn "spins" to spin for toys. You can also shuffle the toys if you don't like the toys you get. 16 toys are available in the vault at the same time. If you spin, you get a random item of the 16, and the item is removed from the spot. The item is not replaced until you shuffle or leave. Therefore, if you have 16 spins, you can use them all to receive all 16 toys. It is recommended that you shuffle to get a bunch of toys you really want, and then use 16 spins to get them all.

Spins are unlocked by leveling up your characters, completing mastery adventures for the first time, completing adventures (a spin for each medal type. I.E. You get one for bronze, an additional one for silver, and another additional spin for gold. You can earn three spins per adventure.), and finding free spins in Spin Capsules in the Toy Box Launch prebuilt toy box which disappear after finding them. Finally, you can also earn Spins randomly, often after unlocking an achievement.

Lucky toys are toys highlighted by a yellow background. Landing on them will unlock either a special block pack, The Retro Video Game Sky, the Retro Video Game Texture Set, or the ESPN Sports Fan Texture Set. (If you received all special items, you will get Sparks instead.) There are two lucky toys per shuffle.


  • When you first access the vault, you are given 5 free spins, and you are forced to use one spin, which will always unlock the Tower Fort. You cannot shuffle for your first spin.
  • The Identity Disc was added to the Vault on November 5th, 2013.


  • If you redo the Introduction and have a spin, and you are in the Toy Box Launch prebuilt Toy Box, you will be forced to spin and cannot shuffle similar to when you first enter the Disney Infinity Vault, except you won't get 5 free spins, and it works like a regular spin since you already have the Tower Fort.
  • If you reload the Toy Box Launch prebuilt Toy Box, and then go hop in the Autopia Car, it regenerates the terrain and Capsules. One of the Capsules has a spin, but since everything is only generated when you enter the car, this spin will constantly regenerate unlike the other spins in Toy Box Launch. You can exploit this for Infinity spins by reloading Toy Box Launch over and over again.