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Disney Infinity Hub
The Disney Infinity Hub
Name Disney Infinity Hub
Franchise Disney INFINITY
Type Basic Toys

The Disney Infinity Hub is a Basic Toy in Disney INFINITY. It allows you to access the various parts of Disney INFINITY and your toy box. It is removed as of Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition and any hubs converted over to said game will be turned into checkpoints.


  • Purple Button: This button takes you to the Hall of Heroes. If you're already there, it will take you back to your Toy Box.
  • Red Button: The red button allows you to embark on mastery adventures, or to save or load your toy boxes.
  • Green Button: This button will let you view the toy collection and send you into editor mode. It will not work in the Hall of Heroes as you can't edit it.
  • Yellow Button: This button is the Disney Infinity Toy Vault, where you can use acquired spins to get toys.


"It's a toy in the toy box that allows you access various parts of Disney Infinity and your toy box." - Disney Infinity's YouTube channel.


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