Disney Infinity Figures Three Packs are packs of three Figures together, and were released for Disney Infinity. The figures of each pack all have something in common, which is reflected in the name of the pack. (For example, the Sidekicks Pack consists of all the lead characters' sidekicks.) The packs cost $29.99 each.


Disney Infinity

Sidekicks Pack

Villains Pack

Girl Power Pack

Disney Infinity 2.0

Due to the fact that the packs did not sell well for Disney Infinity, there were no figure three packs made for its sequel.

Disney Infinity 3.0

Marvel Pack

  • Iron Man
  • Thor
  • Black Widow

Even though Disney Interactive released this pack as part of Disney Infinity 3.0, the characters are part of Disney Infinity 2.0.


For all photos and videos, see Disney Infinity Figures Three Packs/Gallery.


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