There are four Disney Infinity applications for Android and iOS.

Disney Infinity: Action!

This app lets you add Disney Infinity characters into videos. For example, two of the examples given at the D23 Expo were Captain Jack Sparrow shooting someone with a cannon and the other was Sulley scaring someone. Currently the characters in the app are Jack Sparrow, James P. Sullivan, Mr. Incredible and Jack Skellington. It is unknown if other characters will appear.

Disney Infinity: Action! on the US Apple App Store

Disney Infinity: Toy Box

This app allows you to edit and play in your Toy Box while away from your console. Using the codes found with the character cards, you can use the figures purchased in the Toy Box app with out using the physical figure. The Mastery Adventures and several regular adventures are available in the app to unlock via in app purchase or gameplay as well. The Windows version of the game supports Xbox Achievements with 11 worth 200 points.

This is free and is available for Windows 8, and the iPad.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box in the Windows Store Disney Infinity: Toy Box on the US Apple App Store

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