Character information
Name Disgust
Franchise Inside Out
Sex Female
Species Emotion
Friends Anger
Enemies Bat
Jangles the Clown
Occupation Running Riley's mind
Residence Riley's mind
Voice Actor Tara Strong

"Pleased to meet you. I'm Disgust. Just keep your distance, and everything will be fine."
-Disgust, when placed on the Disney Infinity Base

Disgust is a protagonist in Pixar's 2015 film Inside Out. She is a playable character in Disney Infinity 3.0. She was originally revealed to be playable by a leak. She is playable in the Disney•Pixar’s Inside Out Play Set, sold separately from it, and was available at launch.[1]


Disgust has the ability to jump higher than any of the other emotions.[2] She does this by repelling herself off of clouds, propelling her upwards.[3] She can also throw green memory orbs and charge them to be more powerful. Disgust can also use her scarf as a whip for a combo.


  • As is the case with the other Inside Out Figures, Disgust's figure has a memory orb at the bottom, which glows when the figure is placed on the Infinity Base.[4] Disgust's is green, the color of a disgusting memory in the film.
  • John Vignocchi has confirmed via Twitter that Disgust will not be played by Mindy Kaling, who voices her in the film, as her agent said that she was too busy to do so at the time.[5]
  • According to Pete Doctor, Disgust is based upon Broccoli.
  • Her in-game appearance is different because she doesn't have her big eyelashes like she does in the film.
  • There is a glitch when using her block breaker tap, she still has her scarf on when she takes it off.


For all photos and videos, see Disgust/Gallery.



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