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Lighting McQueen Exclusive Hi-Res

The first Crystal Figure, Lightning McQueen.

The Crystal figures, also known as the INFINITY Series, are Toys "R" Us exclusive Disney Infinity figures that look similar to their normal variant, but most of the figure is crystal colored plastic.

In the Hall of Heroes, there are 7 stands currently dedicated to Crystal Figures. Currently, only the main character of each PlaysetAgent P, and Sorcerer Mickey will be released as a Crystal Figure.

In the UK, different Crystal figures are available exclusively at certain stores.


One of the many advantages of the Crystal Figures is that they earn experience much faster. This is very helpful, considering the fact that experience is a very important part of the game. Additionally, the Crystal Figures have heightened abilities compared to their regular selves. For example, the Crystal Lightning McQueen has a greater boost than regular Lightning McQueen, and can boost much farther.


  • All the crystal figures that were released have been male. A female crystal figure has yet to be announced.
  • Although he is apart of the the 1st game as shown by his Hall of Heroes statue, crystal Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey is being released during the 2nd wave of Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition

Known Figures

Release Dates

Disney INFINITY: 2.0 Edition

There will be no Crystal Figures in Disney INFINITY 2.0, as revealed by John Vignocchi, however, Crystal Mickey Mouse was released in December for 2.0.[2]


For all photos and videos, see Infinite Crystal Series/Gallery.


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