Train Toystore

The engine in the Toy Store.

The Constitution Engine is a train car in Disney Infinity. It is the engine of The Constitution, a grey (default color) steam train engine. It appears in The Lone Ranger Play Set. It can be purchased from the Toy Store in the play set for 1200 Coins. It is first made available for purchase when the Engineer gives the mission "Trainin' Day," the objective of which is to purchase the train. Purchasing the engine will cause The Constitution to first appear in the play set by pulling up to the station. It will be available in the play set from then on.


Get the train running again to help put an end to Butch Cavendish's takeover of the frontier.


  • Camouflage Engine
  • Circus Engine
  • Floral Engine
  • Plastic Engine
  • Painted Engine
  • Racecar Engine
  • Rusty Engine
  • Zebra Engine

The Lone Ranger

In the movie, The Constitution is a coal transport train for the railroad company run by Latham Cole. It was used in the celebration of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad before being stolen by John Reid and used by him during the final train battle in the movie. John fought from his train against Cole and his men, who rode The Jupiter, another of Cole's trains used in the celebration.


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