Chick Hicks
Chick Hicks
Character information
Name Chick Hicks
Franchise Cars
Sex Male
Species Car
Enemies Lightning McQueen
Occupation Piston Cup Racer
Residence Radiator Springs

Chick Hicks is the main antagonist of the Pixar movie Cars. He is an expansion character in Disney INFINITY. He is one of the NPCs that you can interact with in the Cars Playset, as well as the villain of the Cars Playset. One of the missions in the Cars Playset is a race against Chick Hicks.

Chick is acquired by the Cars Play Set, once you have acquired him you can place him in the Toy Box as a NPC.


  • In the code of the game, it was discovered that Chick was programmed with the same abilities as any Cars playable character, and can be summoned from code to play as.


For all photos and videos, see Chick Hicks/Gallery.

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