Carl Fredricksen's House
Carl Fredricksen's House
Name Carl Fredricksen's House
Franchise Up
Type Set Piece

Carl Fredricksen's House is a Set Piece in Disney Infinity that can be placed in the Toy Box. It is a primary part of the Pixar movie Up. The house is unlocked in the Toy Vault.


One day while walking home from a movie, Carl Fredricksen discovers an abandoned house and hears voices from inside. Curious, Carl enters the house and discovers Ellie, a young and feisty girl with whom he quickly falls in love. Many years later when Ellie dies, Carl is forced to live alone in the now refurbished house, which is surrounded by a huge construction site in the city. The next day, Carl is about to be picked up by Shady Oaks Retirement Home after striking a construction worker with his walker, when he reveals over one thousand balloons that lift him, his house, and a Junior Wilderness Explorer named Russell into the air.

While in the air, Carl's house runs afoul of a terrifying storm, and eventually crash lands near where Carl plans to put his house, Paradise Falls. This forces Carl and Russell to carry the floating house to the falls, which turns out to be a long walk. Towards the end of the film, Carl leaves the house behind, and ironically, right next to Paradise Falls.


  • Oddly, the small section on the left of the front porch is inaccessible by any character (even very small ones like Olaf) for an unknown reason.


For all photos and videos, see Carl Fredricksen's House/Gallery.

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