Carl Fredricksen's Cane
Name Carl Fredricksen's Cane
Franchise Up
Type Weapon (Pack)
Availability Power Disc

Carl Fredricksen's Cane is a pack that appears in Disney Infinity. It is based on the cane that Carl Fredericksen always carries during the events of the Pixar movie Up, and is used as a melee weapon in-game. The pack on the back of a character who is equipped with the weapon is shaped like Carl Fredricksen's House. The picture on the disc is of Carl and his cane.


Carl Fredricksen's walking cane from Up.


  • When a player fights with the cane, the tennis balls slowly fall off of it.
  • The model number is 4000040


For all photos and videos, see Carl Fredricksen's Cane/Gallery.

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