Butch Cavendish
Character information
Name Butch Cavendish
Sex Male
Species Human
Enemies John Reid, Tonto
Occupation Bandit

Butch Cavendish is a character in The Lone Ranger. He makes an appearance in Disney INFINITY.

Disney Infinity

He leads all the Bandits in the game, and is the final boss in the playset. He is seen in the trailer of The Lone Ranger Playset, where he was seen giving commands to his bandits to wreck the Town of Colby. At the end of the final battle, you have to shoot the mine track above the main area to bring the rock tumbling down to crush Butch Cavendish.

The Lone Ranger

Butch Cavendish was the right-hand man of Latham Cole and he was responsible for the death of John's brother Daniel Reid. He and his men kill all the Texas Rangers, and Butch personally killed Daniel. He cuts Daniel open and devours his heart. When John saw this, he vowed to take Butch to justice. Butch and Latham were also responsible for the extermination of Tonto's people. Butch was later killed when a train car collided with him.


"Looks like we got ourselves a town, boys!"
-Butch Cavendish


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