Blocks is a section of toys in Disney Infinity. These toys are literal blocks, some with special features: There's blip blocks, which will be disappear when hit, there's physics blocks, that can be knocked over and are affected by gravity, and there's lava blocks, which will defeat a player if landing on top of it. There's also normal building blocks, which can be placed like any other toy.

The physics blocks will not be affected by physics while in build mode. The Reset-o-matic will reset these blocks back to where they where first placed.

Disney Infinity

A list of all Blocks in the first Disney Infinity game.

Basic Blocks

Blip Blocks

Physics Blocks

Physics Blocks are not considered Blocks in Disney Infinity 2.0, but Instant Fun.

Lava Blocks

Lava Blocks are not considered Blocks in Disney Infinity 2.0, but Platforming Toys.

Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition

A list of all blocks added in Disney Infinity 2.0


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