Peter Benjamin Parker
BlackSuit SpiderMan
Character information
Name Peter Benjamin Parker
Alias Black Suit Spider-Man, Symbiote Spider-Man
Franchise Spider-Man Comics
Sex Male
Species Human-Symbiote host
Occupation Superhero
Residence New York

Black Suit Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker, is the Symbiote suit version of Spider-Man. He first appeared as part of the Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition PlayStation Vita Starter Pack. It was later confirmed that he will have a single figure release for Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition in the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set.[1][2]


  • He is the fifth playable character of the series to be a variant version of a character already introduced, the first was Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey/Mickey Mouse, second was Iron Man/Hulkbuster, the third being Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, and the fourth being Captain America/Captain America - The First Avenger.
    • Due to the Marvel Battlegrounds update, he now has a completely new skill tree that matches the 3.0 characters (including mid-air combos, health regeneration, while removing his 2.0 Block Breaker Combo, Spider-Sense and his old super move which is now a combo finisher and getting a brand new super move that has him spawn remote web mines that can be activated at any time), making him not only completely different than Spider-Man, also being the only known pre-3.0 character to receive updated move sets.
      • His moveset is akin to those of early 2000s Spider-Man games (sans Ultimate Spider-Man) until Spider-Man Edge of Time, such as having mid-air combos based on those previous games.
  • This version of Spider-Man is based on the Alien Costume story arc where Spider-Man first wore the Symbiote Suit, which would eventually lead to the birth of Spider-Man nemesis, Venom.
  • He is technically the first character to have two different movesets at the same time if a player were to have both Black Suit Spider-Man's figure (with the updated moveset via the patch) and normal Spider-Man (with the Alien Symbiote Power Disc), they can have two Black Suit Spider-Mans with completely different movesets.
  • If the player uses the Alien Symbiote Power Disc, he turns back to normal, but due to a glitch, it is only visible when the player is defeated and the parts that fall apart look like regular Spider-Man, and his picture on the top left is normal Spider-Man. This has yet to be fixed.


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