Luke Skywalker riding a Bantha.
Character information
Name Bantha
Franchise Star Wars
Sex N/A
Species Bantha
Relatives N/A
Friends Variable
Enemies Variable
Occupation Beast of burden
Residence Tatooine
Voice Actor Unknown

Banthas are creatures in the Star Wars saga. They appear as rideable mounts in Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition. They were confirmed in gameplay footage of the game.


Banthas are very large, hairy, brown, quadrupedal creatures that resemble yaks. They have two large curly horns on the tops of their heads, and a tan snout that protrudes from their faces. Their eyes are covered by the immense amount of thick brown fur that covers their hide. They also have long furry tails. They are often equipped with a saddle for riding, as they are in-game.

Star Wars

Banthas are often seen in large herds roaming the deserts of Tatooine, and are the transportation method of choice for the Sand People there. They are used as beasts of burden by them and other residents of the planet.

Calling someone "bantha fodder" was a major insult among natives of the planet.


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