The Avatar Vault, commonly mistaken as the Character Vault, is a larger variant of a Character Chest. They only appear in playsets. To open these vaults, you need every character for a given playset to interact with it. Once opened, it always gives a Pre-Built Toy Box themed after the playset. It also often gives the Skydome and Terrain Set for a playset. If not, it has other preset toys that it gives out. It also randomly gives out some of the toys that are also randomly distriubuted by the third chest of a given character. 


Cars Play Set

  • At the beginning of the path to Luigi's racetrack

Monsters University Playset

  • In front of the Clock Tower

Pirates of the Caribbean Playset

  • Hidden in a building on Buccaneer Bay. (The first island.)

The Incredibles Playset

  • On top of a building near the bridge to HQ on the first island.

The Lone Ranger Playset

  • The outskirts of Colby near town

Toy Story in Space Playset

  • In an area east of the settlement.


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