Art artwork
Character information
Name Art
Franchise Monsters University
Sex Male
Species Monster
Friends Sulley, Mike, Squishy, Don Carlton, Terri and Terry Perry
Enemies Fear Tech Students
Occupation Student
Residence Monstropolis

Art is a supporting character in Monsters University. He appears as an NPC in the Monsters University Playset of Disney INFINITY. He is unlocked via a random third Character Chest or Character Vault unlock for Monsters University characters.


He appears as an NPC in the Monsters University play set and gives mission objectives to the player.

Monsters University

Art is a furry purple monster with an arch shape and blue stripes on his body. He is a student at Monsters University, and a member of the Oozma Kappa fraternity.

Director Dan Scanlon says of him he is "that [weird] college guy you don’t know anything about", and that he is a student "Not quite sure what he should be... and we're not quite sure what he is either." Art is a New Age Philosophy major. It is revealed that he has been to jail at least once.


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