Archie the Scare Pig
Archie the Scare Pig
Character information
Name Archie the Scare Pig
Franchise Monsters, Inc.
Sex Male
Species Monster pig
Friends Sulley, Mike, Fear Tech Students
Occupation Student
Residence Monstropolis

Archie the Scare Pig is a minor character of the 2013 Pixar movie, Monsters University. He appears as a ridable mount in Disney INFINITY. He is the mascot of Fear Tech.


Archie is a ridable mount in Disney INFINITY. He also is a mission objective, involving one of the characters stealing Archie from Fear Tech.

Monsters University

Archie the Scare Pig is a character in Monsters University. He is the mascot of Fear Tech, Monsters University's rival college. His appearance seems to be derived from a six-legged orange pig with goat horns with weird eyes featuring rectangular pupils; the insignia of Fear Tech, is seen on his side.


  • Archie is the first mount to have more than four legs.