Name Apogee
Franchise The Incredibles
Type Play Set Townsperson

Apogee is a Play Set Townsperson, Costume and NPC in Disney Infinity. She originates from The Incredibles Play Set. She is unlocked in the Super Hero Toy Pack.

The Incredibles

In the movie, Apogee was a super with the power of levitation. She recieved very little screen time, only appearing as an image on Syndrome's computer. She was revealed to have been killed off by Syndrome.

The Incredibles Play Set

Despite having been killed, Apogee returns in the play set. In it, she was captured by The Hoarder and held captive in one of his boxes lying around town. When the player smashes the box containing her, she flies out and then offers the player her help in bringing the other bad guys to justice. Apogee is then made available in your HQ Research Station as one of the five supers available to help you in combat, the others being GazerbeamDynaguyThunderhead, and Plasmabolt. She can also be unlocked as a placeable costume in Toy Box mode.

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