Basic Moves are different skills that all playable characters have (except the Cars characters). These skills include running, jumping, Air Assault, Street Spike, and Mid-Air Recovery.


Running Upgrade - Level 1

Running upgrade in the Skill Tree.

Running is the basic mode of transportation in the Disney Infinity games. It is how characters get around, unless they're driving, flying, riding a mount, or have acquired a special pack. Some characters run faster than others, and almost all characters have a running upgrade in their Skill Tree, that makes them run faster.


Jumping and Double Jumping is a skill possessed by all playable characters. It makes the character do a jump, so they reach greater heights. When Double Jumping, a character is able to grab on to a ledge a Square Block's height above them.

Some characters also have an Ability known as a Super Jump.

Air Assault

Ground Pound

Air Assault Upgrade in the Skill Tree.

Air Assault or Ground Pound is a minor attack in Disney Infinity. This is done by the player pressing the 'attack' button while in the air. It makes the player stomp into the ground, dealing damage to everyone and everything around them. Characters often have a Air Assault Upgrade in their Skill Tree, that makes the Air Assault deal more damage and have a wider range.

Street Spike

Street Spike

Street Spike

Street Spike is a skill unlocked in the Skill Tree. It gives the character the ability to slam a carried object into the ground, dealing damage. This also includes other characters and enemies. Street Spike is often found as one of the first skills in the Skill Tree, normally only costing 1 skill point.

Mid-Air Recovery

Mid-Air Recovery

Mid-Air Recovery

Mid-Air Recovery is a skill that allows the character to recover quickly after being knocked in the air. All characters had this skill unlocked by default in Disney Infinity, but it has to be unlocked in the Skill Tree in the sequel. It is often the first Skill in the Skill Tree, costing 1 skill point.

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