Wendy Pleakley
Disney Infinity Lilo & Stitch
Pleakley in Stitch's Tropical Rescue
Character information
Name Wendy Pleakley
Franchise Lilo & Stitch
Sex Male
Species Plogonarian
Friends Stitch, Lilo, Jumba
Enemies Dr. Hämsterviel, Captain Gantu, Leroy
Occupation Agent of the Galactic Federation (formerly), Jumba's henchman, Lilo and Nani's "Aunt"
Residence Hawaiï

"Well, I guess I know who to come to next time I cause a full-scale invasion of earth! It's only happened four times."
-Agent Wendy Pleakley

Agent Wendy Pleakley (aka Pleakley), is a non-playable character in Stitch's Tropical Rescue. He originates from the 2002 Disney film, Lilo & Stitch.


For all quotes from this character, see Agent Wendy Pleakley/Quotes.

"Please don't let those crazy robots take any ducklings! I just couldn't live with myself!"

"Don't worry, little ducks! Someone will save you... I hope!"

"Save the ducks! Have I made that clear? 'Cause I feel like I've said it a lot."


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