Abu the Elephant
Character information
Name Abu the Elephant
Franchise Aladdin
Sex Male
Species Monkey
Elephant (mount)
Occupation Sidekick

Abu the Elephant is the pet of Aladdin in Disney's film Aladdin. He appears as a ridable mount in Disney INFINITY (as an elephant). He is normally a monkey. The picture on the Power Disc is Abu (in his elephant form) next to Aladdin.


In-Game Description

Prince Ali's elephant sidekick from Aladdin.

Official Disney Description

You may not be an Arabian prince, but riding on this monkey/elephant will help you look the part.


Abu appears as a ridable mount in Disney INFINITY. He is one of the many animals you can ride in the game. Whenever in use in the Toy Box, a jungle beat tune plays in the background, not featured in the film.


Abu is Aladdin's pet monkey and is one of his best friends, alongside Genie and Carpet from Disney's Aladdin, two sequels and its television series. Abu is usually very kind, but can also be quite selfish. In Disney's 1992 film Aladdin, Aladdin and Abu saw some hungry kids in the alley. Aladdin gave his share of the bread to the kids, and implored Abu to do the same. Abu at first considered himself down of his luck and hungry enough to be entitled to the bread, but soon found warmness in his heart and realized that the children were even worse off than Aladdin and himself. He appears in his elephant form when Genie transformed him so Prince Ali (Aladdin in disguise) could impress Princess Jasmine. He is voiced by Frank Welker. 


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