All Terrain Armored Transport
An AT-AT in the reveal trailer for Disney Infinity 3.0.
Name All Terrain Armored Transport
Franchise Star Wars
Type Land Vehicle

The All Terrain Armored Transport, better known by its abbreviated name AT-AT, is a vehicle in the Star Wars saga. It appears in Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition as an enemy and controllable vehicle in the Rise Against the Empire Play Set. It was first seen in the reveal trailer for Disney Infinity 3.0.

Disney Infinity 3.0

AT-AT's will appear in the game in the Rise Against the Empire Play Set as a boss on Hoth. They will not be rideable in the conventional sense, but will be controllable. By tearing some of the armor off of the transport's back, players will find a control panel that allows them to control the AT-AT's movements. If the player tears the controls off of the transport and carries them away, he will be able to control the AT-AT remotely from a distance.[1][2]

There are several methods with which an AT-AT can be taken down. The player can use a Snowspeeder to tie their legs with a tow cable as they did in the movies, or they can take the machine apart piece by piece by tearing off bits of its armor. If the player desires, they can remove the armor from the creature's back and control it.[1][2]

A great amount of emphasis has been put on the AT-AT's motion control. In other Star Wars games up until this point, AT-AT's have not been able to move freely wherever they wanted to go, but in Disney Infinity 3.0, they have been given a full range of motion.[1][2]


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